At Ruby International we take your privacy very serious. We know that our clients and escorts value confidentiality highly as we do, We understand that respecting confidentiality is a vital part of building total trust and loyalty.

We are not only proud of our position as being one of the worlds foremost escort and friendship agencies but also pride ourselves on our  quality of service.

The ways in which we care for your total privacy include and are not limited to confidentiality of contact details, We do not release any details. including full name, e-mail address, address and contact number to any third party unless legally required to do so by order of a court.

Our professional operators , receptionists, and bookers are experienced and trained to be extremely discreet when replying to questions from callers trying to ascertain the nature of our buisness from a phone number they may have come across.

As one of the most respected agencies throughout the world there is a considerable amount of competition among other agencies to allign with our agency but we are very particular who we allign to.

All our employees abide by out code of practice. Which incude very strict guidelines on client confidentiality,

If you believe that your confidentiality has been compromised by one of our staff or you have been embarrased in any way please contact us immediately.

We do not tolerate unprofessional behaviour in any circumstance.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of our privacy policy further we will be happy to address your concerns.